Tool loan scheme

Oxfordshire MGOC members only please

We operate a tool loan scheme for members of Oxfordshire MGOC. The following list of equipment is available for short term loan. If you would like to make use of any of these items, please email

  • Trolley jack 2 ton
  • Axle stands
  • Car ramps
  • Hydraulic bottle jack
  • Brake bleeding kit
  • Vernier calliper (digital)
  • Dial gauge with magnetic base
  • Strobe timing light
  • Electrical multimeter
  • Compression tester
  • Valve spring compressor
  • Torque wrench (ratchet) ½" drive
  • Torque wrench (bending bar type)
  • Three-legged puller
  • Hub puller
  • Ball joint separator
  • Nut splitter 12-16mm
  • Grease gun (side lever, 4,000psi)
  • Impact driver with bits
  • Pop rivet pliers
  • Electrical crimp tool kit
  • Socket 1 5/16" AF (B rear hub/crank pulley)
  • Socket 1 1/8" AF (B front hub nut)
  • Waxoyl pressure canister and spray gun
  • Battery charger
  • Brake adjuster spanner (¼ square)
  • Brake pipe split ring spanner
  • Carburettor balancer
  • Inspection light
  • Compressor, portable with hose
  • Air wrench ½" and sockets
  • Air wrench 3/8"
  • Air spray gun
  • Angle grinder
  • Electric polisher
  • MGB Workshop Manual (BMC)
  • MGB Workshop Manual (Haynes)
  • Manual MGB Electrical Systems (R Astley)
  • Rover RV8 Workshop Manual
  • Gunson's "Trackrite" wheel alignment gauge
  • Slide hammer 4kg
  • Circlip pliers (Four different interchangeable nibs), internal and external
  • Electric multimeter (10amp) with temperature read-out
  • Screw extractors set
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